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Statement on Privacy Protection

Matrix Resonanz fully recognises the importance of managing your data carefully. With this statement, the company Matrix Resonanz, explains the way in which it manages the data collected through our website

Information Collected in the Forms

Some forms on our website require the input of personal data (e.g. name, address, e-mail address etc.). Under no circumstances are you asked to disclose financial information.

Other Information

Our website registers the IP addresses and domains of all visitors to create usage statistics for our website. This helps us to improve the usability of the site and to to solve any potentially arising problems in a more efficient way.

Our website uses temporary cookies in the member area to insure that users will be recognised unmistakeably over several pages. In all other areas, it is possible to refuse the acceptance of temporary cookies at any time without causing any functional impairment of the site. The temporary cookies are not used to trace your movements on our site! The information stored in this cookie gets lost as soon as you quit our website.


Our website contains various protection measures which effectively prevent any loss, abuse or change of the data under our control. All the pages containing personal information are protected by a password. If your username and password become known to a third party, the same will be able to view your information. However, no financial information, e.g. credit card numbers, is available online.

Reminders of forgotten passwords can be sent only to the e-mail address saved in our system and can be changed only by the user himself. We advise you to request this kind of information via telephone.


Our web pages also contain links to other websites. Matrix Resonanz is not responsible for the content and the handling of your data potentially collected on these websites.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding this statement or the operation or management of our website, please contact:

Matrix Resonanz
St. Margarethnerstraße 36
7011 Siegendorf

...or by e-mail:

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