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The 2-Point Technique

The 2-Point Technique is the central method. With Matrix Resonance it is applied in a most simple but therefore most powerful way. With the help of this method which is most easily to learn (even 7 year old children can learn it) a resonance is triggered in the matrix which brings a wave of pure consciousness into our energy field.

Thus old programs and patterns of information like illnesses, problems, fears, traumatas etc may be transformed and new possibilities may – often instantly – step into our reality. The possibilities of Matrix Resonance and the 2-point technique are only limited by our imagination.

Thomas Prückler states: ,“My approach to this simple, but very powerful method is that all real and true things are entirely simple. And thus I keep this simple, but powerful technique as simple as possible.“

As Dr.John Wheeler (a quantum physicist) has stated so beautifully (quoted analogously):

,“If we realize God´s reality one day, then it will be so simple, beautiful and affecting that we will say to each other: How else could it have been.“

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