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Matrix Resonance for Comapnies and Institutions

Ta strona jest dostępna jedynie w języku niemieckim i angielskim.

Additionally, the 2-Point Technique is a highly helpful method for your company or institution.

Basically, the 2-Point Technique should not only be applied in every good household, but also in every modern company ...

When more and more companies realize the possibilities of this method namely creating solutions in a simple, quick and cost-efficient way, the number of those not using this chance will be the minority….

What can I achieve using the 2-point technique in my company?

With the 2-Point Technique it is possible, for example, to connect the responsible persons of a certain area ( chief executives, heads of department, sales managers, …..) on a quantum level with suitable clients, suppliers, staff, etc. This procedure usually only takes 3 to 5 minutes – and the results are absolutely amazing ...

Very often our mind doesn´t consider this possible ...

Our experience (Thomas Prückler works togehther with other experienced appliers of this method) has shown that the positive impact (solutions in the corresponding fields) often appears very quickly and in a surprising way ...

Not to forget:
“The possibilities of applying Matrix Resonance and the 2-Point Technique are only limited by our imagination…“

What does Matrix Resonance offer for your company or institution?

The ideal case is if your team includes one person capable of applying Matrix Resonance (that is applying the 2-Point Technique in a powerful way).

For this it is necessary that one of your staff takes at least part in a Matrix Resonance 1 seminar.

If you wish, you can book a company seminar especially matched to your company. Thomas Prückler hereby responds to the specific requirements of your company and offers an all-inclusive package.
Frequently, private sessions with managers, energetic cleansing of the building and clearing of other existing influences from outside are part of it

Ask for an individual offer! We love to advise you!

Costs: On inquiry we shall be glad to place an individual offer.

Ask Thomas Prückler: 0664 / 88 466 720 or send an e-mail to

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