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Seminar Table of Contents

Ta strona jest dostępna jedynie w języku niemieckim i angielskim.

Seminar 'Matrix Resonance 1'

In the seminar Matrix Resonance 1 I provide you with all my knowledge about the wide basis of the 2-Point Technique. After these 2 days you will be able to apply the 2-Point Technique on yourself (self application), on another person and over the distance (application over distance).
It is crucial to keep this basically simple method as clear and simple as possible – then it will stay as powerful as it is ...


- What ist he matrix? How do I get access?
- What is reality? What is truth?
- Short introduction into quantum physics
- Basis and practice of the 2-point technique
- How do I apply the 2-point technique? How do I conduct a session?
- Transforming – integrating – connecting
- Self application –application over distance (will be pratised in the seminar)
- Working with children, adults, groups, animals, cars, appliances, rooms, projects, ….

Let´s plunge into the sea of boundless possibilities…“

Seminar 'Matrix Resonance 2'

Building on the seminar Matrix Resonance 1 you deepen and enlarge your handling of the 2-Point Technique and you will learn „pure imagination“, the further development 2-Point Technique.
You will deal with the issues clairvoyance – clairaudiance – clear feeling. All these abilities are naturally within us only waiting to be awakened and give us the ability of sensing more clearly where our soul wants to guide us ...

Developing all these hidden abilities leads us quite naturally to what I call „pure imagination“ – doing nothing in the outside but imaginig everything that is to happen in the inside ...

… and amazingly, the less we “do“ the more happens …


- Brushing up and deepening of the 2-Point Technique
- Still more powerful working with the 2-Point Technique
- Dealing with implants, external energies (occupancies), vows, etc
- Working with the DNS
- Right ,left part of the brain, heart (love) – having all these quailities in the right place
- The heart – central point of your being – your personal zero-point
- Clairvoyance – clairaudiance – clear feeling
- The power of pure imagination

Seminar 'Matrix Resonance 3'

The third part of Matrix Resonance deals exclusively with BEING – with your being in its purest form.

The more we „are“, the less we need methods. Each method transcends itself, if we live our lives from this source. “Methods“ are then no longer necessary.

If required we will go back to the “methods“ learned in seminar 1 and 2, but they will more and more fade to the background ...

... you will remember more and more clearly who you really are …


- Co-creation – co-creating with God/Source/Spirit
- The art of WU WEI – the art of doing by not doing
- Counterbalancing of polarities ( giving – taking, male – female, heaven – earth, …)
- The heart – central point of your being – your personal zero-point
- Paths into your heart
- Light language
- Language of the heart
- Parallel levels of reality
- Working with the Akasha – Chronicle
- Urparticles

NEW: Seminar 'Paths of the Soul 2012'

We all are far more than our physical body, our social status or our personality. In reality we are spiritual beings who hace decided to make an experience on Earth, in this low vibrating, 3 dimensional, material world. And especially in this time we are challenged to remember our higher vibrating, subtle part named soul or higher-self.

When we become aware of this part which we ARE as well and use the enormous possibilities manifesting by this re-connection and use them in our daily lives then we will be in the position to walk our paths more lightly and more joyfully and will overcome challenging situations with more lightness and ease.

For that it is necessary to connect with the soul again and again, thus establishing the re-connection. This seminar supplies you with the necessary tools and information.

Another focus of this seminar is intensifying the contact to the spiritual world (angels, guides, masters, ...)


- What is our soul/higher-self?
- How can I re-connect with my soul/higher-self?
- How can I trigger a wave soul with the 2-Point Technique?
- Helpers and supporters from the spiritual world (angels, guides, masters,…)
- Working with myself and with clients with the spiritual world
- Creating a holy, protected space (for my home or for a private session or a seminar)
- Exercises for daily use for activating the connection to your soul
- Exercises for daily use for activating all helpers and supporters of the spiritual world

Seminar 'Preparing for 2012 and beyond“

In the meantime many, many people agree that humanity stands at the end of an age and simultaneously at the beginning of an new age (golden age) and just before a quantum leap in its development.

The decision is up to us whether to take this step of development consciously, with full understanding and with utmost joy or to be surprised by it because of ignorance and bad preparation and thus having to go through this transition with fear.

In this seminar, especially designed for the issue „transformation of consciousness 2012“, I pass on to you all knowledge that I have concerning this issue.

… for the path back to PURE BEING.


- 2012 and beyond – what is really going to happen within the next months?
- What ist his wonderful incidence which is unfolding right now?
- How shall I prepare myself? Is preparation necessary at all???
- Why are there people telling us that 2012 is not going to happen?
- Exercises for the group and meditations as preparations for 2012 and beyond (which you can do at home for yourself)

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