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Sesje indywidualne

Ta strona jest dostępna jedynie w języku niemieckim i angielskim.

In a single session, it is possible to deal with specific issues concretely. As a central tool the '2-point method' will be applied. The '2-point method' is a very powerful tool for 'collapsing patterns' - that is to change existing patterns of information (diseases, problems, trauma, etc.).

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7011SiegendorfHerr Thomas Prückler

Thomas Prückler
Thomas Prückler

Matrix Resonanz
St. Margarethnerstrasse 36
7011 Siegendorf

Phone: 0664 / 88 466 720
Skype: thomasprueckler

In einer Einzelsitzung ist es möglich, spezifische Themen konkret zu bearbeiten. Als zentrales Werkzeug kommt die '2 Punkt Methode' zur Anwendung, die ein sehr kraftvolles Werkzeug ist, um 'Muster zu kollabieren' - also bestehende Informationsmuster (Krankheiten, Probleme, Traumas, etc.) zu verändern.

Einzelsitzungen biete ich in Siegendorf im Burgenland (bei Eisenstadt) an, in Ausnahmefällen auch unterwegs.

Bitte um Verständnis, dass ich nicht jeden Wunsch nach einer Einzelsitzung erfüllen kann, da ich durch meine viele Seminare und veranstaltungen sehr eingedeckt bin ...

Price per hour: 60.00 € incl. VAT.

Curriculum vitae

- born on 12.September in Graz
- building engineer
- married, 2 children.
- self-employed with Matrix Resonance since 1.January 2010.

At the beginning there was an illness.

Looking for a solution he made invaluable experiences and achieved education in various fields. He was always looking for his real place in life.

In June 2009 he first got in contact with the 2-poit technique and then held his own first seminar on Matrix Resonance in Oktober 2009.

Since then the wave has been rolling ...

In May 2014 I founded additionally to Matrix Resonance the platform Golden Age Events, which opens the horizon still wider and enables the cooperation with other interesting people, trainers and speakers.

Education(an excerpt):

- Intuition and awareness trainer – Academy for Science of Intuition (A)
- Matrix Energetics 1 and 2 – Dr.Richard Bartlett (USA)
- Quantum Entraiment 1 and 2 – Dr.Frank Kinslow (USA)
- Transformational Healing – Patricia Angove (GB) - S.D.R. Controling of reality by soul, mind and consciousness – Svetlana Smirnova (RU)
- MerKaBa – Meditation – Kilian Bodhi Ameen (NL)
- Integrative Breath Teacher - ATMAN Association, Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann (A)
(in training since September 2014)

Status: July 2014

More information

More information on Thomas Prückler is available at his homepage:


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